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Whether you are an architect, interior designer, landscape gardener or home owner, 3D printing a scaled model of a building, floor layout or landscaping project is an invaluable tool.


A truly three dimensional, physical and tangible model allows the client to view the design in a completely unique way, highlighting factors such as elevation, scale, focal points and proportion.


1. Preparation for 3D Printing

If you have already created your model within a 3D CAD package, we can take this data and modify it to suit the 3D printing process. This usually involves scaling down the model and adding thickness to the walls, ensuring a watertight mesh has been created. 


2. Ready to Print

Most architectural and landscape design CAD packages offer the ability to prepare models for 3D printing. If your design has already been prepared for the 3D printing process (see Design Guidelinesand is ready to be printed, simply export your scaled down .STL file and send it to us using the 'Quote Now' tab and we will get back to you immediately with a quote.

Whatever your requirements, please get in touch using the Contact Us page and we will be happy to help and assist you in preparing your design for the 3D printing process.

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