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We work closely with a local Letterpress printer to create high quality bespoke 3D printed blocks.

Using our design software, we can turn almost any custom 2D sketch or digital file into a 3D part for 3D printing.

To make the blocks cost effective, prints are completed to a total depth of 6mm in ABS plastic and mounted to an 18mm MDF sheet. Blocks are then finished by hand to offer a key for the ink whilst ensuring the total depth of 0.918" is achieved.  These Blocks have proven high quality results, even with oil based inks.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply the 3D printed plate only or the complete 'ready to use' block.

The below pictures highlight just some of the 3D printed letterpress blocks we have created as well as the resulting letterpress prints. Bespoke designs start at just £9.95, so please get in touch with your specific requirements.

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