Have a problem that needs solving? Whether starting from scratch or with ideas of your own, we can generate a brief and explore concepts to progress your project to the next level.


Our concepts are always function driven. We pride ourselves in producing concepts that are feasible in terms of cost and 'manufacturability'.


At the end of concept generation we will have highlighted new and feasible ways that your project can be executed.


Our high level of proficiency on CAD coupled with our experience designing parts for mass production are the perfect partnership.

Using Solidworks (the industry standard) we can create professional 3D models suitable for 3D printing, injection moulding and other production processes. Because we love the power of CAD in bringing a product to life, we tend to jump on very early in the design process, allowing you to visualise your product throughout.

With vast experience manufacturing parts, CAD is usually supported by engineering drawings that will highlight key information and avoid miscommunication with manufacturers.


We design products that work. Testing and further testing is key to our design process. Our products work, every time.


We design products that people love. The form of our designs is always driven by the function. The aesethic is often driven by 'pure' functional geometries which results in a form that is clean and timeless.


We have vast experience designing parts for mass production processes such as injection moulding as well as shorter production run processes such as PU Casting & Vacuum Casting.

We can advise the best production process for your application based on production cost, production volume and part specification.

We work closely with manufacturers both in the UK and overseas throughout the design process. We can introduce you to manufacturers around the world or if preferred, oversee the manufacturing for you.


Manufacturing can be daunting. We work closely with a number of tried and tested manufacturers in both the UK and the Far East to ensure maximum quality at the best available price. These manufacturers cover an extremely vast range of manufacturing processes to enable us to pick and choose the best process for your application.

We can take care of the whole manufacturing process, ensuring your parts arrive with minimal stress.



Whether you are housing a single PCB or a number of components, more often than not, an off-the-shelf solution will not meet requirements & a design specifically for your application will be better suited.

Our experienced design engineer will work with you using the latest CAD software. The output will be function-driven, yet aesthetically clean & timeless through a user friendly interface. 


Low volume enclosures can be 3D printed in house. However, if mass production is required, our partnerships with manufacturing facilities worldwide mean we can take care of the whole process including factory quality control and even sub-assembly work.

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Have an original part that you want to replicate but don't have a 3D CAD file? Then look no further.

We have extensive experience designing parts for 3D printing and mass production using the latest 3D design software. This means we can reverse engineer your original components to create a 3D file which can then be used to replicate your parts using 3D printing.

The part pictured (right) is a spare part for a window blind which was obsolete and therefore could not be replaced when damaged. We were able to replicate this, restoring the product to its original glory.



Using the latest 3D scanning techniques, we can take your existing objects to create an accurate digital model which can in-turn be 3D printed. This technique is great for complex geometries and organic shapes which are difficult to reverse engineer.


We work closely with an extremely talented digital sculptor who can create both single colour and full colour digital models from 2D images and illustrations.


 Our 3D printing service can then be used to turn these into highly intricate single colour SLA prints for finishing by hand. Alternatively , we can offer full colour 3D prints using highly sophisticated machines such as the Stratasys J750.