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We have many years experience designing products that work. 

Using the latest design tools, computer aided design software and in house prototyping facilities, we offer a comprehensive product development process and a clear route from concept to production. 

Our designs offer more than just a concept.

During our design process we will consider every aspect of the design, ensuring products not only function flawlessly, but are also both feasible for manufacture and economically viable.

Our designs look good.

We know how to design products with style. Our geometry based aesthetics and function driven forms provide timeless, elegant and strong visual identities.


We are efficient.

We focus on the areas of your project that matter. Whether its generating engineering drawings or manufacturing a functional prototype to show investors. Our process is flexible, so we won't waste time on unnecessary visuals and computer generated renders.

We work with everyone.

Whether you are a tinkerer, inventor, hobbyist, engineer, sole trader or small/large company. We have and continue to work with everyone. From simple reverse engineering tasks through to complex multi-assembly products, we can help.

What about manufacture?

Our work doesn't stop when the design is complete. We have a wealth of experience preparing products for mass production and managing/overseeing this process. We have a vast network of trusted manufacturers who can manufacture your product.

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