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The Benefits of Bespoke 3D Printed Parts

Whether restoring old products, or starting a new project, sourcing spare parts fit for purpose can be a minefield. Sure, finding parts and components for modern-day devices doesn’t prove to be too much of a problem, but what about products that are a little more aged?

History is very much part of today’s world, whether it’s household items you want to maintain, as today, they aren’t built like they used to be, or toys, that bring back memories of times gone by. Unfortunately, many of the spare parts these require are short in supply, or non-existent, which can mean many restorations and projects hit a dead-end.

Fortunately, the evolution of 3D printing has meant that bespoke spare parts can be created that can restore or repair a product to its original glory and offer a functional replacement for lost or broken parts.

Product Disassembly

Create Spare Parts Quickly

In many instances, there will be a need for spare parts as soon as possible, and those looking for a bespoke solution in the past may have found that they were waiting for some time to get the final product.

The modern era provides a more streamlined and time-effective process that can have the parts designed and 3D printed in a number of hours.

The time it takes to create the spare parts can vary depending on the volume, design complexity, size of parts and type of 3D printing , but the time this take is far more efficient than traditional manufacturing methods.

More Cost-Effective

The design and 3D printing of customised parts can be surprisingly cost effective. The majority of the cost is usually in the time taken to recreate the part ready for 3D printing. However, simple parts can usually be created within the hour.

Due to the process that 3D printing employs, unlike other manufacturing processes, there is no need for upfront tooling and in most cases printing a single component is cost effective. This means that those in need of spare parts can acquire them without having to spend a small fortune.

Fully Customisable

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when talking about bespoke parts, but you’d be surprised that there can still be limitations when creating parts using other methods.

Additive manufacturing technology thrives on creating single parts that overcome the majority of limitations faced with other manufacturing methods such as injection moulding. This has been used to great effect when creating products in a range of industries from F1 through to dental care.

Acquiring Bespoke 3D Printed Parts

Some may assume that to be able to produce bespoke 3D spare parts, they have to invest the hardware and software needed. Not only can this be a costly process, it can also be a time-consuming.

This is why so many prefer to use a professional product design and 3D printing service like Print My Part. Print My Part offer a one-stop-shop for the design and 3D printing of bespoke components. The Design Engineers at Print My Part create all parts using cutting edge software and 3D print on industrial grade machinery.

The investment needed for a personal 3D printing setup will most definitely cost more than the project requires, so using a professional can ensure you’re saving time and money when acquiring spare parts.

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