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Introducing Elastic Resin 3D Printing

Print My Part are excited to offer a brand new 3D printing material which opens doors to a whole new sector of 3D printing. Thanks to Formlabs new Elastic Engineering resin, we can now provide you with soft, highly elastic and durable 3D printed models, printed using the SLA (stereolithography) process.

This resin imitates many of the properties of Silicone. Properties of the Elastic resin include:

  • 50A Shore Durometer Hardness

  • High elasticity up to 160%

  • Good compression and spring back

  • Resistance to tearing

  • Translucent colour

  • 100 micron layer resolution

Silicone 3D printin

Photo by Formlabs Inc.

Before the introduction of this resin, prototyping in soft flexible prototypes required a moulding process such as Vacuum Casting or Injection Moulding. Both processes would require tooling which can be both expensive and time consuming to produce. Using 3D printing, prototypes can be created in a matter of hours not days at a completely viable price point comparable to traditional SLA printing.

The uses of the elastic resin are endless across a range of industries, however some common applications may include prototyping overmoulds, seals grips, soft touch parts, silicone cases as well as more specialist applications.

For a Elastic Resin quote, please get in touch using the Quote Now form on our website or by contacting us via email at

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