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We Now Accept Payment Using Bitcoin!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are terms once known to a small minority, however, times are changing and we now see Bitcoin all over mainstream media.

Through the very nature of our business using 3D printing technology, we are fortunate enough to work with customers at the forefront of innovation, many of whom are Bitcoin users.

Consequently, it is a natural progression to integrate Bitcoin into our online payment system.

This has been facilitated using Bitpay, a secure online payment merchant specialising in Bitcoin transactions. To pay for your order using Bitcoin, simply let us know prior to payment that you wish to pay using Bitcoin, and we will send across an additional Bitcoin invoice based on the current GBP to BTC rate. This invoice will then offer a secure link to the Bitpay merchant website, where the transaction can be completed. You can even pay using the Bitpay app!

UK 3D printing service accepts Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

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